Top 5 elements to create a quintessential Indian home decor

indian home decor

In the childhood days while visiting our grandparents, one thing that was unique was the feel of the home. The courtyard with swing, wooden furniture, grey flooring and cots with huge posts. The abundance of space in those homes, and the long-lasting furniture which would be passed on to generations is a luxury which not many of us can afford today in our city lifestyle. So today, we bring you few tips on how to re-create the magic of traditional Indian home decor you in your apartment


indian home decor

Color the walls light

Traditional Indian homes were mostly made of mud and hence the shades of off-whites, creams and beige have carried on since ages and are perfectly suited for an Indian home decor. Moreover these light shades create a perfect backdrop for the highly articulate wooden furniture and artifacts of those times. Still to keep up with the current times highlighting few walls with a bright shade of blue, ochre or orange would spike up the glam quotient of your home.

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Indian home decor

Bright Colors : Soul of Indian home decor

India is a diverse country of religion, tradition, and different geographic influences still the wide use of colors in all the cultures is a unifying factor. The use of vibrant colors throughout the nation has resulted in India being called up the land of colors.

Bring in the same character in your home decor by using colorful cushions and upholstery.


traditional indian home decor

Traditional Indian Furniture

A very important aspect of the Indian home decor is the woodwork, which carries several important implications in India. It was used to carve legends and folklores for many years and finally to rich articulate patterns. It is this element of continuity which ancient art and culture are preserved. South India was heavily influenced by the presence of art and literature and their love for ebony wood is still evident in traditional homes particularly among the royalties. Whereas in north the love for teak wood and walnut is more prominent.

It is well-known that Indian craftsmen can turn wood into many other amazing wooden inventions in the world. They used wood locally found and change it into decorative objects such as cabinets, screens, tables, candle holders, boxes, trays. Even toys or in a different scale houses and rooftops. There is a wide variety of wood sources such as sesham, rosewood, teak, sandalwood and coconut tree in India. This encourages the wide variety of wooden creations in the region.

 Indian Home Decor

Upholstery out of Indian hand-loom

Fragments of woven cotton and bone needles have been discovered at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, the ancient seats of the Indus Valley Civilization. Even the Rig-Veda and the epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana dwell upon the craft of weaving at length. These weavers of the past were true masters of their craft. Such was their capability that legend even refers to the fabulous semi-transparent sari (a great technical feat) worn by Amrapali, the famous courtesan.

The upholstery of sofas, beds and cushions can be these hand-woven fabrics available in different colors and patterns that further complement the look of the furniture.

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Indian Home Decor

Add some Artifacts

The love for artifacts in Indian home decor dates back to 3rd millennium BC. They have been found in the Indus valley civilization that belonged to the copper age. India produced some of the most intricate sculptors in the world.  The traces of which can be found in the art during the Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism period history.

Sir John Marshall who discovered the famous Indus bronze statuette of the slender-limbed “dancing girl” in Mohenjo-Daro said; when I first saw them I found it difficult to believe that they were prehistoric; they seemed to completely upset all established ideas about early art.

Putting up metal or terracotta figures in those unused corner spaces of the house will make your guest appreciate your eye for details. For walls, you can install Rajasthani jharokas or an antique watch to bring that colonial character in the house.

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