Tips to brighten up dark rooms

Have you been dull, tired or going through a bad mood off lately? Don’t worry i am not promoting any fitness product but yes, look around you, it’s time to brighten up your home and it’s sources of natural light. It’s a proven fact that humans respond, act and feel better in a home that has plenty of natural light. In Feng Shui light is the highest manifestation of energy. Natural light brings in fire element into your space and gives a glow.

Analyse the dark spots in your home

As you’ve been living in your home for a while, most likely you are used to its dark areas. There might be lot of elements that contribute to the dark spots in your home. It can be tall wardrobes, dull paint, dark floor, dark furniture, dull upholstery or heavy curtains. So first task for you is to determine what elements are causing these dark spots to appear. Do you need better windows in your interiors or lighter colors on your walls or possibly less bulky and dark furniture in your spaces?


Play with colors


Change of colors can bring in a huge difference in your interior space. When playing with colors, contrast is one of the important things that you need to take care of. To start with try white as a base wall color and along with that try some fresh color combinations of grass green or sea blue or yellows. Also if it’s a small room then always try to paint the opposite wall to window in white as that will reflect light and lit up the space. Try color accent wall for the room.


Put up some more ceiling lights

While the darker ceilings create a dramatic mood within the room, they can also leave the room feeling like a cave. Recessed lighting fixtures or commonly referred to as “can lights” can brighten up the ceiling without being obtrusive to the eye. Consider installing a dimmer switch to have versatile lighting control.



Big and heavy looking furniture block the light to a great extent. Also bigger the furniture more is the upholstery fixed on it resulting in more light being absorbed by them. Visually also they make the room appear smaller and darker. Try sleeker furniture options with light upholstery which allow floor visibility.

Use lighter wood/ color combination for your wardrobes and cabinets


Try combinations of light and dark wood /colors for wardrobes. For kitchens use light shades for wall cabinets and dark colors for under counter cabinets this ways your eyes will see a lighter and comparatively bigger space. You will be surprised how your kitchen is more enjoyable to work in when it has plenty of light and feels open. If you are in the process of choosing finishes for a kitchen remodel, consider these ideas to keep your kitchen light and airy.


Flooring material


If the color of the floor is dark or carpeted then lot of light is absorbed by the floor itself. Choose lighter color for flooring to make the room appear bigger and brighter. Also lighter color furniture allow better contrast to furniture and highlight them.



Heavy and thick curtains obstruct a lot of light and make room darker. Dark curtains also cut-short the continuity of walls at the window junctions thereby making room visually small. Use lighter fabric curtains in lighter shades to allow more light and make the room feel more spacious. If trading your dark curtains is an expensive affair then try adding shear curtains to them so more light can come in daytime.


Widen up the windows

widening up windows

If all the above measures don’t work then it’s time for major remodelling to widen up the windows. An alternative to this could be to open small fixed pocket windows above lintel so they allow sunlight to enter deeper and spread more.


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