Home Design : Tips for Living room Design

Interior design of your living room is a reflection of your personality and first impression of your home design. However over a period of time living rooms have evolved as an integral part of smart homes. While elegant furniture make them sophisticated; technology and automation systems make them even more secure and offer a visual treat to the visitors.

A well designed living room will create a relaxing atmosphere for you after a hard day’s work. A good home design implements an ambient living room and will de-stress you, making you feel pampered.


Some of the interior design ideas for living room can be contemporary, ethnic or completely out of the box. It all depends on your taste.

Add some greenery


To inject a sense of life and nature, you can have plants and flowers neatly placed to make your living room more eco -friendly and greener in the process.

Spike up the quotient with décor


There is a huge change in the way a living room is decorated. Now-a-days the glamour quotient is toned down, to make living rooms look more cozy, relaxing and comfortable.

Create a personal corner


A cozy corner in the living room provides a den to withdraw into the world of literature or a music den in the living room gives a pleasure to the owner after a stressful hectic day.

 Jazz it up with tech and savvy straight lines



The hi-tech style of interior design for living room involves remote controlled lights, curtains, home theatre systems, digital picture frames of your near and dear ones, and all these spice up the living room like never before. Include smart lighting in your living room that is programmed by timers and helps you to maintain a cost-effective and energy-saving home design. The new mantra for decor of the new age living room is combining minimalism with latest technology, art and culture.

One thing to bear in mind while designing the interiors of your living room is to have a blend of class. There is a thin line between looking classy and looking gaudy and crass.

Remember, not to overdo things. Mix and match things to create a unique, appealing and most importantly, comfortable living space for you as well as for your visitors.

Have more interior design ideas for living room ? Need some specific design inputs for your home ? Let us know in the comment section below.

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