The scope of architecture for future generations to come

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A regular question that many of students opting for architecture ask me is “What is the scope of architecture in Future?

To answer in a sentence “The scope of architecture in future is great”. But then you would ask, why? Just because I am an architect? No! To understand this we need to go back a bit in history to see how the scope for architecture has grown over the years

Since the stone age shelter for living is a basic necessity of human beings. The same will continue to be of prime importance in the future. With the change in occupation and living styles came new kinds of buildings like offices, hotels, museums, multi residential apartments etc.  An architect in the modern day or current day is the person who helps in designing of all this. So as the human population increases day by day the need for innovative spaces will also increase.

The challenges ahead

The future of humanity is facing a lot of challenges like lesser resources, less space availability, rising real estate costs. Due to these challenges the importance of technically sound professional like architects will grow even more in future. An architect is taught to design spaces implementing different techniques of ergonomics, sustainability. As an architect you are taught to optimize spaces according to functions, design spaces according to human emotions.

Changing perception of people towards architects

With the changing lifestyles people are getting more aesthetically inclined. They want their homes, offices to look beautiful as well as personalized. The requirement of every office, every hotel and every client is different. Every project has a different budget,different size of site, follow different building regulations and lot of different conditions. To design a project with so many conditions and considerations is not a laymans job and only an architect can solve such complex issues.

Architecture also allows you to further specialize in fields like urban design, landscape design, city planning, interior design, furniture design etc.So as you can understand now that the scope of architecture is huge, the only thing necessary for you to be succesful is passion and dedication towards the profession.


Some interesting projects that present a varied scope of architecture are below

Vernacular Architecture: Vellore house by Made in Earth

Crystal Corp office interiors by 42mm architecture

Office Design for Japanese E-commerce company by Zyeta interiors

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