Interior Design: Money saving tips you should know

Nowadays its a trend to get the interiors of home designed according to ones taste. However in the excitement to get the home designed you may overlook many a things which might cost you later on.In today’s post i will tell you some of the measure that you need to take before the interior design of the apartment.

And believe me if you take care of these then you will save twice the cost of interiors !!

Fix the defects

‘Prevention is better than cure’ applies to defects in construction too. After buying an apartment or constructing a home, the first step in creating a good interior design for your home is to look for construction defects in your new apartment. Any small crack, painting issues, seepage in toilets from upper floors.

If these issues are missed out and the interior works are done on top of them then they will keep on growing with time and eventually after couple of years you might have to strip the beautiful interiors to fix them.

Ask your builder to fix the defects as soon as possible.

Usually the dampness issues for walls are visible only after rains so if monsoon is upcoming on calendar it would be wise to wait for it to cast its spell and expose the damp parts of house.

Check the floors for proper leveling.



Understand your space

It’s always very tempting to buy that big cozy lazyboy you have been dreaming for long or buy a designer sofa but before doing this take a look at your space. Will it accommodate them?? Once put in your room it might not look as good as the ads.

The key to a good designed space lies in understanding the space.

Most of the times the tussle is between the living room furniture and the dining space. You need to observe the positioning of doors, how the movement is taking place in your home and accordingly divide the spaces. This will easily help you decide the sizes of furniture you can place in your apartment. Furniture with sizes relative to the room enhance the feel of the space and make it appear more spacious.

Decide the look

To create a very cohesive and visually appealing interior design it’s very important to design the whole house around a single concept. It might be modern, contemporary, classic, wooden however the most important thing is to have a single concept. This concept binds all the rooms together and gives a single character to the home. To put it in a simpler manner the look of the home should be such that it should add warmth to the space and talk a single language.

Kids rooms need special attention Tips to create a fun-filled kids room design

Today the internet allows you access to millions of images for home interiors so make the full use of it and shortlist set of images for designing your own home. This exercise will always helps in understanding the type of furniture and the looks they can help you achieve, also you will be prepared before you meet your interior designer or your online shopping hunt. Try to put all those pictures together and see if they get the feel you want for your home.


Home interior Design ideas


Do not forget the basic electrical works

Most of the times a lot of money is planned for the interior design and cosmetic works of the home. But you should not forget to allot specific budget to essential electrical appliances like hob, chimney, geysers etc.

Hire an Interior Designer

Why? Because you don’t want to get into day to day co-ordination with the carpenters, plumbers and electricians. They will pester you for the smallest technical issues as a reason to delay the work. Let the professional handle those worries and be the single point of contact for you related to any quality issues. This way you can spend more time planning any further quality enhancement required for your home.

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