These apps will change the way architects & designers work

In the last decade smart phones have entered into each and every aspect of our life, they have made accessible many useful tools by which we can organize and document our work easily. The rise in the number of these apps has increased the competition and the quality output too. When it comes to architecture there are a lot of apps for architects, and today we will share our list of apps you must have on your smart phone or tablet.

And YES! Most of them are free !!

Imagesource: Magic Plan - apps for architects and designers - dzignchakra - design blog by sumil dutta

Imagesource: Magic Plan

Apps for architects: MagicPlan

This is my favourite app for interior renovations, especially when you don’t have the plan of house and there sits a very big space to measure. It uses the devices cameras to draw the floor plans of real spaces. All you need to do is stand in a certain place and point your device leave the rest to the app to draw the plans. When it is done, you can export the floor plan as a PDF, DXF or a JPG. Now you can easily take measurement of those bedrooms and living rooms without the help of anyone. A boon for free lance designers i would say.
Price: Free (IOS , Android)


Autocad360 image - apps for architects and designers - dzignchakra - design blog by sumil dutta

Apps for architects: Autocad 360 

Lots of softwares have been developed till date but AutoCAD still stays one of the most standard software for developing drawings across architecture and construction industry.Autocad 360 is an easy to use drawing and drafting mobile application that allows you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings across your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Its an ultimate drawing viewing solution for the people on the go!

Price: Free (IOS , Android)

apps for architects and designers - dzignchakra - design blog by sumil dutta

Paper by Fiftythree.Inc

Apps for architects & designers Paper (iOS only)

Having won Apple’s App of the Year and been given the 2012 Apple Design Award, the Paper app by FiftyThree, Inc. makes it easy to capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations or notes and share them on the internet. It’s a simple and intuitive app built specifically for the iPad’s display. The company recently announced the introduction of a ‘pencil’ stylus that connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.
Price: Free (iOS)

apps for architects and designers - dzignchakra - design blog by sumil dutta

SketchBook by Autodesk

Apps for architects & designers: SketchBook (iOS, Android)

This application by autodesk is very helpful for making those quick sketches to help your client understand the design or technical details. You can also draw in a picture to see the way your  interior designs would look. And finally, if it is difficult for you to draw in perspective, this app will give you guides to do it well. Also this software will give you some rocksolid features for advanced level sketching. This app will help you in sketching and documenting when you are struck with your eureka moment of a design feature while having coffee.

 Price: Free (iOSAndroidAmazonWindows)

apps for architects and designers - dzignchakra - design blog by sumil dutta

Apps for architects : Morpholio Trace (iOS) 

This one is for the designers who love to draw on multiple layers of tracings. The more layers you have the more refined the design turns out to be. This application allows you to keep on sketching over your sketches and add layers just like tracing paper. It’s truly the perfect application for a designer and eco-friendly too !!
 Price: Free (iOS)


apps for architects and designers - dzignchakra-design blog

Image source: Architect Envi Deluxe -i tunes store

Architect Envi Deluxe (iOS)

This is your encyclopedia of architects and projects. The app is also perfect for architecture students. It will provide you information of the great architectural works in all-history and the most important architects. You can browse across every century and find the most famous buildings of each one. It’s sorted out according to the time-period with pictures of works of over 100+ architects. It lets you add and save photos and add even more images of your own to the collection.
 Price: 4.95$ (iOS)


Know about anymore apps? Already using and want to share some great features of these apps? Let us know your views on our artcle in the comment section below.

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