Tips to create a fun-filled kids room design

In my experience as designer, kids have been the toughest and easiest clients. Toughest because they are very honest and reject things right away if they don’t like and easiest because they stick to the design and do not change it once they like it. Designing a kids room needs a lot of thinking as it is going to be a space where they will play, study and grow. It’s a multi-activity room and everything in the room has to be designed according to the kids ease of use and safety. Below are few kids room design ideas which will help you to bring in the fun element in the room.


Bright Colors


Kids love bright colors and they are always attracted to them. Painting the room with bright colors brings energy into the kids and keeps them lively. Also try to paint the room with lighter shades of bright colors like yellows, oranges, light blue and light green. This way the natural illumination level of the room also stays intact.


Wall murals

wall art 01

With so many color and vinyl sticker options available now-a-days wall murals are a great way to make your kids room a playful and energetic space. You can create animals, beautiful scenes or the world from their favorite cartoon on the wall. This will add a personal touch to their space and create that sense of belonging for them.

Bunk beds or Loft beds

bunk bed loft play area


Bunk beds are great fun for kids. Also they are real space savers. If you have a single kid then you can use the lower space of bunk bed as a study table or storage area. Climbing up and down on bunk bed or play lofts is a fun activity for kids. Remember how badly we wanted the tree house of Dennis-the you get it !

Designer beds

thomas train bed

Design the bed like a race car, train or a cloud for your kid. It adds a sentimental value of being something more than a bed for the kid, a proud possession. Ready to take off into the dream world on their race car !!


Stuffed Toys

kids room design ideas

Every kid has a lot of stuff toys but instead of putting those in the cupboard try to display them in the room. Create a corner or a shelf to display the stuffed toys.



Kid room design ideas_dzignchakra

Playmats or rugs are a great way to create a dedicated play area for your kid. Also they ensure your kids don’t get hit hard when playing on the floor. Playmats can have design of puzzles , playboards or simply cartoons but they sure are fun.

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Let your know what do you think about our article on kids room design. We would be eager to know other kids room design tips from you.


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