Your life is fast and so should be your home painting process

Home is a place where you achieve physical and psychological peace. The furniture, appliances, gadgets all helps you live a life of comfort. One thing that contributes the most to your psychological comfort is the color. A well painted home creates a positive effect on its residents. Same way a home with faded colors or paint coming off the walls will paint a sad picture of the house. A good way to take care of this is to paint the walls periodically. Yes I do know that the home painting process is a time consuming one. Also the movement of furniture required is the reason you don’t want to go through. But what if I told you there is a solution to this.

Yes! The new age way of painting homes involves a very fast mechanized and efficient home painting process in 40% lesser time as compared to traditional ways.


The old way: Two to three people would keep on rubbing the whole walls for 3-4 days to get a smooth finish. The whole procedure created a lot of fine dust which would settle on every furniture in the rooms even if wrapped properly. After all this at the end of the day one person has to clean the whole floor with broom. Also to access the ceiling and upper portion of wall the person wood need a stool which again will leave scratches on the floor while movement. Such a tedious process!


The new way: The preparation of the wall surface is done with the help of a grinder like tool which removes the undulation on the surface and makes it smooth. Also the center part of it keeps on sucking the dust and collecting it into a bag. The machine sucks 90% of the dust thus ensuring very less dust in your apartment and saving on cleaning time. No need of stools as the machine comes with an extendable attachment for easy reach.


The old way: The putty or the paint is manually mixed by a person unless the whole mixture is uniform. Time taking. At times uneven mixing leads to lumps leading to wastage or thickening of the mixture.


New way: Mixes the putty or paint uniformly leaving no lumps in the mixture ensuring a smoother finish with fewer coats and lesser requirement of sanding.


The old way: A couple of painters with a bucket of paint and rollers would paint the whole house moving from room to room in every 2-3 days. Again here a stool would be required that would scratch your floor and the repetitive cleaning exercise.


This is an adjustable roller with an attached paint supplied through tubes. Provides better finish in shorter time. Also lesser paint dripping on the floor so not much efforts required for the cleaning. Again saves time.

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External surfaces:

When it comes to the external faces of your home the dust settlement and the algae growth in some of the places are very hard to remove and require a lot of manual scrubbing time. This can be easily done faster with the help of a high pressure sprayer. Similarly airless paint sprayers allow quicker application of paint on the external surfaces.

home painting process


With so many latest developments in home painting process, its time you look for the same solutions that save you time and provide ease of living in the whole procedure.

In India this home painting process has been introduced by Berger Paints recently. In case you want to know more or are planning to paint your home you can get more information on .

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