Foyer design ideas for your home

Foyer Design ideas for your home

When designing a home, foyer plays a very important role, it gives a peek into your home interior design. Most of the times while planning interior design for home, entrance foyers are ignored and the usual thing done is to put a shoe cabinet and key holder in this area. There are lots of innovative ideas by which your foyer can create a very positive impact on your visitor. Let us take a look at few of them.

Image source: Houzz

Image source: Houzz

Put up a mirror

Putting up a mirror in the entrance foyer will add depth to the space and make it appear bigger. Also its presence in the foyer will help you to have a final look at yourself when you leave home. A mirror in different form will further add an element of interest to the space.

Add a table

Adding a table will cater to the utilitarian aspect of the foyer making it a quick temporary platform to keep the parcel and other items.

Integrated storage and seating

Design by EJ Square

Design by EJ Square

Entrance foyer being the first point of entry to home there should be shoe storage provision so that the clutter of shoes gets concealed. The storage unit can also be used as a seating platform helping in a more effective space optimization.

Add your family moments


Design by W2DA

Design by W2DA

You can give a glimpse of you & your family to the visitor by creating a photo wall in the foyer area. These can be of varying shades and dimensions to create a collage effect on the wall.

Install an artwork

Hyde Turned - Leg console table on pottery barn

Hyde Turned – Leg console table on pottery barn

Hanging a painting on the wall or keeping a beautiful flower vase would add up to the luxury quotient of the foyer area. It will project a more mature taste of design from your end.

With these few tricks you should be able to create an interesting welcome for your guest.

If you have any other foyer design ideas or tips to share, I am all ears for it !

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