Common planning mistakes you should avoid in your home design

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“A house is built by hands but a home is built by hearts”. Such is the emotional value of homes that we spend half of our lives working to be able to create a tailor made home design for ourselves. So when finally you are building it you have to be sure to have considered all aspects and avoid any mistakes.

Be sure to take the time to meet with professionals in the industry. Unplanned or impulsive design choices can make your home uncomfortable and downright unhealthy. Professionals like architects are always available to help you take effective decisions. They will help guide you as to where you can save a few bucks and optimize the whole proposal for you.

You plan your home design

You are the best person to know your family and what you need to maintain your family’s lifestyle needs. Professionals are always there to guide you technically but they cannot tell your needs so you are the one to lead the way for them.

Common planning mistakes you should avoid in your home design

Know your lifestyle

While creating a home design you should consider your lifestyle and habits which will influence the way you live. How many people are there in your family? What is their age? What are their future requirements? How long do you plan on staying in this home? How often do you host parties? How often would you be accommodating overnight guests? You have to think long term, to understand what you will need from your home.

Improper space planning

Unless you have too much luxury of space and are building a mansion, its important to do the space planning well in advance. Of all the requirements of house storage is most important but always pay attention to where it is needed and how much is needed. Does the master bedroom really need the walk-in closet when the space could possibly be added to your bedroom or master bath? The placement of sizes of closets is something which needs real attention. One in each is reasonable enough but a closet in the foyer? In a cooler climate where coats are worn, closets would be a wise idea. If you have no use for a coat closet, don’t build one.

Insufficiently lit spaces

Light fixtures and outlets should be plentiful and more than them should be the windows. Windows should be provided in every room and should be as large as possible unless they are eating up important wall space. Natural light should always be the primary source of light; this would reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. If possible then you can add skylights as well.

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The extra room turned into a dump room

The best part planning you own home design is you can always carve out that extra room but be sure of the utilitarian aspect of that room. Whether it be a gym room or home theatre if not used for the purpose from the day one then most probably it is going to end up as a dump room for all unnecessary things. Always keep in mind that one extra room can be used as a guest room so plan the room accordingly to allow this flexibility.

 A noisy bedroom area

Bedroom is the recharge point for your body and soul so position it away from noisy traffic or roadside. Avoid positioning it above the garage if your family members have tendency to go out or come home late. Having living room next to bedroom is a strict no-no unless you want to stay awake during weekend movie nights.

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Unplanned room conditioning

With the climate changes taking place round the globe it’s very important that you understand the same and consider cooling and heating requirements beforehand. The units should be of suitable sizes and capacity. Models that are too small will be under-performing and won’t cool and heat your home efficiently. You’ll come to regret this when your home is too cool in the wintertime and not cool enough during the hot summer months.


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  1. Every House owner should remember your theme – “House is Built By Hands But Home is Built by Hearts.”

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