15 Amazing bathroom designs blended with nature

Bathroom is one of the best relaxing spaces in a home. Its the place where you cleanse and rejuvenate yourself. The damage of a  tiring day at work can be washed away with a nice warm shower. Icing on the cake would be to have it in nature’s lap. Wouldn’t it? So today we bring you bathroom designs that will take your breathe away.

bathroom designs_DC 02

As shared in our earlier post, green is the Feng Shui color of movement. Green is the ancient symbol of a man’s heart state, the symbol of nature. Green tones are perfect for yin color design also. Green shades are recommended for library, study room, bathroom and bedroom decorating.

bathroom designs

The presence of plants of diffrent foliage sizes creates more realistic natural surroundings for the shower area.  Also bigger the size of the bathroom more is the visual appeal of it. Using materials of different texture like stone slabs, pebbles creates interest for the user as well as viusal appeal. Its not something you will see in every bathroom.

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bathroom designs

Create a visual link with the green exteriors

For relaxing corner of bathroom like bathtubs you can create a big glass opening towards the green areas. This way you can create a visual link with the green exteriors without bringing plants in.


bathroom designs

bathroom design_DC 14


bathroom design_DC 13


bathroom designs


bathroom design_DC 11


bathroom designs


bathroom designs


bathroom design_DC 08


A beautiful home renovation by designer Carla Aston


bathroom design_DC 05


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